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What is Connbee?

Your personalised digital engagement platform

Connbee is a virtual digital engagement platform that enables you to research, map, assemble, learn, and understand solutions outcomes and a clear roadmap – without being hunted.

Target on a daily basis?

You constantly leave digital traces behind when you are conducting research on the web, tracks that the software vendors are watching. You become a lead being processed digitally on a daily basis on all available channels.

We understand that it can be tiring. We fully understand that you want to decide for yourself when it is the right moment in the process to engage with the vendor.

What do we do for you

Connbee enables you to do research without leaving traces, we help you to gather all the information you need from specific vendors that are on your radar, we help you match your use cases towards the software vendors offerings, and when you are ready, we establish contact with the selected vendors. 

Connbee helps you to engage with software vendors at the right time in the process to match your use case without being hunted on a daily basis.

Tailored content for you

We work with highly personalised and ​tailored content/insights driven by intelligence and assets aligned to your unique internal processes.

Our aim is to accelerate your productivity to another level, whether you are looking for research or build a specific use case.

Our services provide the content you want, when you want it!

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Connbee meets your modern buyer needs

The fundamental shift that corresponds to the new, digital way you want to interact without feeling hunted by sales or leaving any marketing traces.

Our platform meets your modern buyer needs by using digital communication channels and a powerful research tool.

Research, map, orchestrate, learn and understand banking solutions with clear outcomes and roadmaps.


Why Connbee?

Enabling you to freely engage with personalised content built around market trends and your business initiatives, strategies, objectives and challenges.

Connbee consolidates insights from multiple data analytic providers and market research into one spot for your easy reference and analysis.

A digital engagement platform led by intelligence and assets that align to your internal processes.


We will be there to guide you throughout the process as your virtual advisor.


Lets get started – book a call and lets match you with the right software vendors!


We work as your neutral virtual advisor to guide you to software companies that match your use case at the right time in your internal process. We will advise you to attend highly personalised and or tailored digital meetings - live or via on demand tailored for your specific needs and use case. All our sessions are driven by intelligence and assets aligned to the markets challenge and needs in your region, country that match your own initiatives, strategies, challenges and objectives.


We work with client engagement that provides insight, intelligence and assets aligned to your internal processes.


Our onboarding process is persona aligned and provides the content and services you want, when you want it!


We aim to accelerate your productivity to another level, whether you are looking to research or build a specific use case.


Lets get started – book a call and lets match you with the right software vendors!

We will be there to guide you throughout the process as your virtual advisor.

Activate your brand digitally

With your branded client hub you will be able to create demand and interest from your target accounts 24/7/365.

Your own branded client hub provides that different perspective, which aligns with your prospects new buying behaviors and goals.


Built by sales for sales

Connbee provides a digital solution that completely disrupts the traditional supplier/buyer model and empowers your business to deliver ‘value-based offers’ online, giving you a step up on the competition.

Business Meeting

Client Hub Management - VAE’s – Your Quarterbacks

We are your quarterback for high-value business development opportunities and digital account interactions. 


Our team will keep a close eye on your campaign, making sure it's on track to hit your 

We research your audience, define your goals, and deliver measurable results. Then we strategize again. And again. Until you’re happy with the results.

Your own Connbee Virtual account executive

Our Virtual executive approach is designed to meet the needs of modern buyers. 


A Connbee virtual executive will be assigned to you as an account manager who is an expert in the B2B space. 


We work with you to make sure you’re everything you want to be. You can go about the business of your day knowing we have everything under control.

Our VAE delivers digital communication channels to generate new leads, nurture customer/prospect relationships and connect customers with the expertise they want – at the right time in their internal process. 

KPI Driven Results

We work with you to focus on the KPIs that matter. We want you to feel empowered by the work we do.  We’ll work with you to understand how measuring your KPIs will impact your business goals. 

We’ll help you find the data that you need, and we’ll make it easy for you to create reports.


We will tailor a service to your individual needs. Our aim is to give you everything you need to make your company a success. When you work with Connbee, you choose a partner that will help you with all your business challenges.


Our mission is to be your most trusted advisor.

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