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About Connbee


Connbee Group is a research and advisory firm that helps B2B companies deliver world-class customer experience through partnerships with best-fit technology vendors and digital partners. We enable client success by bringing unprecedented transparency to selecting, engaging, and optimizing relationships with digital partners and technology vendors. Our guidance draws on our proprietary data about fintechs and integrator partner performance, on our deep experience with vendor and digital partner selections, and on our roles as industry analysts covering technologies for managing customer experiences. Our promise to our clients is confidence – confidence that they are choosing the best-fit partners for business transformation.

We serve clients across the ecosystem for customer experience solutions.

  • We work with enterprise buyers of services and technologies to ensure that they engage with the optimal set of partners for their digital transformation and customer experience initiatives.

  • We work with technology vendors to ensure that their channel partners are optimized for successful implementations that deliver sustainable value to customers.

  • We work with digital agencies and integrators to ensure that their client portfolios are aligned with their strongest capabilities and competencies, leading to high levels of customer satisfaction, repeat business, and performance-based differentiation.


Connbee is an industry-agnostic digital engagement platform. Built from a customer-centric design philosophy, it provides a combination of market and client intelligence, insight, education, as well as peer-to-peer communication, live and On-demand sessions in a highly personalised bite-sized content.

Connbee enables the client to get the benefits of a personal experience based on carefully selected intel about their market and their key initiatives, strategies, challenges and objectives while supporting them throughout the journey LIVE via our on-demand.

Connbee is a customer journey orchestration solution that enables you as bank to research, map, assemble, orchestrate, learn & understand solutions outcomes and roadmaps.

Paper Lanterns

Connbee Client Hub Advisory Team can help you meet your timelines with engagement that is aligned to your preferences and built around an omni-channel approach, making a shift from relationship-selling to value-based.

Business Organization

Using 100% digital channels to connect you with your selected peers and banking experts you need through a timely delivery of “value beyond the product” by sharing valuable data, insights and ideas that you can use to improve your business and make better decisions.

Beach Deck

Our aim is to accelerate your productivity to another level, whether you are looking for research or build a specific use case or explore and challenge the fintechs that’s on your radar.Our services provide the digital meetings you want, when you want it, with whom you want

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