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Research (MTAI)





Client Hub

Digital Brand

Virtual Executive

KPI Driven

Research - Market/target account intelligence

We will give your sales teams a tailored and fully guided sales activities based on their:

  • Regional/country market insights

  • Client key initiatives

  • Client strategies

  • Client objectives

  • Client challenges

  • Our insight of their regional/country trends

Client engagement done right

Connbee is a virtual sales and marketing engagement platform designed to simplify your team’s prospecting, lead qualification and follow-up efforts in the digital process.


Connbee will support your sales teams with market insights, account intelligence, down to a persona level in order to increase the chances of building leads, opportunities and closing deals.


Executed by relevant targeted sales activities, plays, demos and presentations, with clear deal-closing tactics tailored to every stage of the deal and prospect’s unique requirements

Our approach:

Tailored insights, leveraged to support your expertise; engaging clients and prospects with content built around their personal challenges, objectives and audience. This understanding of their circumstances enables your sales team to build alignment and trust from the offset, understanding their situation, their challenges and their drivers.

What makes our offering unique on the market?

Tailored insights rather than generalities. Once a discourse has open with your prospects your sales teams can channel them down routes of either active or passive engagement (1-1 sessions/workshops / webinars)/round tables/adjusted demos/nurture program) based on their personal circumstances, building your understanding of their situation in addition to reaffirming their trust in your credentials and expertise

Prospecting done right

Connbee is a virtual sales and marketing engagement platform designed to simplify your team’s prospecting, lead qualification and follow-up efforts.

Set yourself apart

Your prospect is bombarded with content from hundreds of software companies on a daily basis.  Do you want to have a differentiator that sets you apart from the competition?

Let’s admit it.

Turning a customer from a lead into a sale is tough. Modern customers use sophisticated strategies to investigate your company. They’re researching, considering, and comparing before they are ready to talk directly to you and start a process.

The solution - Connbee

Connbee is a virtual engagement platform that gives your company the ability to educate your prospects in-house in one environment.


Connbee Virtual Account Executive is a new experience in sales. We approach prospects differently than traditional sales teams do—more like a neutral coach/guide than a traditional salesperson.


Smart Content

Research - Market/target account intelligence

Personalized automatic avatar videos

Event system (webinars, Digital Round Tables etc)

Video pitches

Video Marketplace

Automatic social content

Branded digital meeting room - turns your sales process into a dynamic and branded powerhouse

AI copywriting

A Client Hub packed with everything you need

Digital sales outreach

Multi-channel messaging (LI+email)

Prospecting Data enrichment


Qualification flows w. meeting booking – done by a neutral Connbe Virtual Account Executive

#Account-based sales and marketing (tailored)

LinkedIn Automation (Social Selling)

Automatic network growth

Automatic outreach

Business Meeting

Reinventing traditional sales

We’re here to help you get the differentiator that will set you apart from the competition.

We’ve reinvented the traditional sales B2B model to create something that’s revolutionary, yet deceptively simple.


Your own branded client hub

We work with and from your own branded hub that enables your prospects to research, map, assemble and understand your solutions. We work as a virtual neutral advisor to increase your leads and sales.

Be there when prospects need you

Your client hub connects potential customers to your brand with engaging and effective, intel led conversations day and night.


The client hub is designed to convert and guide the visitor to attend your virtual roundtables, your webinars, 1-1 sessions and download case studies or request info that is aligned with their challenges 24/7/365. 

Activate your brand digitally

With your branded client hub you will be able to create demand and interest from your target accounts 24/7/365.

Your own branded client hub provides that different perspective, which aligns with your prospects new buying behaviors and goals.

Built by sales for sales

Connbee provides a digital solution that completely disrupts the traditional supplier/buyer model and empowers your business to deliver ‘value-based offers’ online, giving you a step up on the competition.

Business Meeting

Client Hub Management - VAE’s – Your Quarterbacks

We are your quarterback for high-value business development opportunities and digital account interactions. 


Our team will keep a close eye on your campaign, making sure it's on track to hit your 

We research your audience, define your goals, and deliver measurable results. Then we strategize again. And again. Until you’re happy with the results.

Your own Connbee Virtual account executive

Our Virtual executive approach is designed to meet the needs of modern buyers. 


A Connbee virtual executive will be assigned to you as an account manager who is an expert in the B2B space. 


We work with you to make sure you’re everything you want to be. You can go about the business of your day knowing we have everything under control.

Our VAE delivers digital communication channels to generate new leads, nurture customer/prospect relationships and connect customers with the expertise they want – at the right time in their internal process. 

KPI Driven Results

We work with you to focus on the KPIs that matter. We want you to feel empowered by the work we do.  We’ll work with you to understand how measuring your KPIs will impact your business goals. 

We’ll help you find the data that you need, and we’ll make it easy for you to create reports.


We will tailor a service to your individual needs. Our aim is to give you everything you need to make your company a success. When you work with Connbee, you choose a partner that will help you with all your business challenges.


Our mission is to be your most trusted advisor.

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